Advanced Information Concepts Inc. - Company Profile

An independent management consulting firm specializing in supporting organizations in the development of opportunities. In today's complex world of business where innovation can only be successful through managing an increasing complex set of variables, the capability to create, manage, and track success against comprehensive business plans is a critical component of any successful business. Established in 1987, by Bela J. Berci, Advanced Information Concepts Inc. provides services in the areas of:

On a casual, retainer, or project basis to support the assessment of business goals and objectives and support ongoing change and business process development.
Strategic Planning
Identification and ratification of business directions, visions, goals, directions, and objectives to ensure the business is appropriately positioned given its capabilities, and markets. The strategic plan provides a framework for development of tactical plans to achieve desired intentions.
Tactical Planning
Identification of critical projects and activities in support of strategic plans.
Business Process Development
Assessment and development of procedures and responsibilities in conjunction with personnel and technology capabilities with the intent to take advantage of inherent opportunities.
Project Evaluations
Independent auditing and evaluation of projects to confirm direction and the provision of recommendations, as appropriate, to ensure the enterprise is successful.
Project Management
Support of initiatives through the provision of project management.
To assist businesses in the development of business plans and to manage change.

In support of its consulting initiatives, Advanced Information Concepts Inc. utilizes a proprietary in-depth enterprise model that forms the basis for a planning process and change methodology. The model and methodologies ensure that the clients needs are always addressed in a manner that fits within their capability and needs. That is, solutions are practical and do-able within the context of the enterprise.